Well, It’s not so difficult to set-up a place for a blog in Magento. One thing to know  is, it is not done by default. You have to do this through custom extension.

You can search Magento Connect for an extension, which will fully work according to your requirements. One of the most popular and usable free extensions that you can use is the Magento Blog – Community Edition. Same procedure goes with all other Magento extensions!

Installing the extension will benefit you for sure! Once you get the extension installed, you will find one additional section in the top menu of your Magento admin area, which is known as a Blog. Further on, from that section you are allowed to adjust the newly-installed Blog settings, add posts etc.

What To Do With "Access Denied" Issue?

The best solution is to, Log out of the Magento admin area and then log in again. If this doesn’t help, you need to reset the admin privileges through the Magento admin area > System > Permissions > Roles > Administrators.

Click on the Role Resources option from the left menu.

Note: Resource Access is set to All.

Click on the Save Role button and the permissions will be reset.