To get the Magento configured on your web server and to work with a new domain, you need to follow the two things!

1. Edit The Magento Database

  • Go to your cPanel > phpMyAdmin
  • Select your Magento database from the  left menu
  • Find the table called core_config_data and click on it.
  • Click the Browse tab and edit the first two fields:


Now, by clicking the pen icon in front of each of them, replace your old domain name with your new one.

At last, click the Go button to save the change.

2. Clear The Magento Cache

The Magento cache folder is located in your Magento installation directory > /var/cache. To clear the cache, simply delete the folder. 

Your all Magento issues can be fixed, if you just delete the cache.

How Do You Reset Your Magento Admin Password?

  • To change your Magento admin password,
  • Go to your cPanel > phpMyAdmin
  • Select your Magento database
  • Click the SQL tab and paste this below query:

Note: You have to change newpass in the MD5('sGnewpass') with your new password, and change *AdminUsername* to your Magento admin username.

At last, execute the query by clicking the Go button and your password will get changed.